Guest Access

Sponsored Email | OleMiss Network

All campus visitors may access the 'OleMiss' network through web authentication by getting their email address sponsored. The sponsor can be any UM student or employee with a valid WebID. Simply provide the sponsor with your valid email and ask them to create an account for you using the Guest Portal button below.

The WebID sponsor will need to enter the guest's email address, any optional information such as cell phone number, and choose an account duration. Then they can send the automatically generated password to the guest via email or SMS.

Student sponsored accounts are valid for up to one week. Faculty and Staff sponsored accounts are valid for up to one month. If longer durations are required, or for additional assistance, please contact the IT Helpdesk. Note: All guests are bound by the IT Appropriate Use Policy and their sponsors are responsible for their online activities.

Sponsor Guest WiFi Accounts