Secure Access

WPA2 Enterprise | OleMiss_v2 Network

The next generation of UM network access is now available throughout campus. This technology enables all WebID users to automatically log into the network and keep multiple devices connected at the same time. It also enhances security by encrypting local wireless traffic. WPA2 is available exclusively on the 'OleMiss_v2' network and it can be found wherever the original 'OleMiss' signal is broadcast. All WebID holders are encouraged to use this new secure high-speed network.

  • Android v2 WiFi Settings  (2.2+)
    Add a new network to your Android device under WiFi Settings using the info shown from the link above. Various devices may differ but will only need the settings shown.
  • Apple v2 Settings Profile  (5.1/10.8+)
    iDevices select the link above to start the setup process then follow the prompts. Macbooks log into the 'OleMiss' network first then return here and select the link.
  • Windows v2 Setup App  (Vista+)
    Select the link above to download and run the Windows setup app. This is non-intrusive just like the Apple profile. It only creates the v2 network connection.

Setup instructions are listed to the right. After completing this one-time process, disconnect and remove any 'OleMiss' connections, then select 'OleMiss_v2' from your available networks list. Note: Username is always your WebID and you may be asked to enter your device PIN code.

Password expiration occurs every 90 days for all WebIDs. Devices setup for v2 will not need to log in again until their password expires or is changed. When this happens, just update the v2 settings in your device with your new password.

Shared devices should not be setup for v2. This will help prevent others from accessing the network under your WebID. Public or lab computers should connect using Standard Access on 'OleMiss' instead.